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One of the fastest growing economies in the world, Cambodia is a country of opportunities. Doing business in this small, yet dynamic country is one of the most interesting things one can think of. Among some of the most eminent business ventures, banking is of particular appeal in that it plays an important role in driving the economy of the country. As important as it has ever been, the banking industry injects large amount of cash blood to the private sector enabling the flourishing of entrepreneurship, which is to a large extent responsible for the national economic growth of most free market countries. Upon grasping the essence of the potential lending business, APPLE FINANCE Plc. has a strong faith that our participation in the banking industry will contribute to the economic prosperity of Cambodia while at the same time we will run a sustainable business and create jobs for young dynamic Cambodians so eager to give a hand in helping develop their country. To turn our dream into reality, we are totally committed to excellence in everything we do. We place the sustainability and prosperity of our clients and staff members on top of our own comfort and gratification. We are absolutely decisive in our vision to bring about a difference in the market. We give our all to our services. Readmore...